Community Investment Vehicle

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With community investment, you will receive a financial return*,support development of new housing, and provide an opportunity for wealth creation in communities of color.

*dependent upon investment

In Chicago communities of color (C.O.C.), investment capital, income, and equity disparities continue to widen the racial wealth gap (Romer, 2022)(Hunt et al., 2021)(Johnson et al., 2022). This divestment limits opportunity for economic participation, financial health improvement, and wealth development.

In response, CoLiberate USA will provide opportunities for community stakeholders to invest in the development of real estate from our HoodRich program as a community investment vehicle (CIV). A Community Investment Vehicle (CIV) is a legal community stakeholder investment mechanism for neighborhood assets that enables stakeholders to grow their wealth (Community Desk Chicago, 2022) Through the CoLiberate USA: CIV, will enable stakeholders to receive a financial return (dependent upon investment), enable new wealth creation in local neighborhoods, and support the development of new housing. The CoLiberate USA: CIV, enables people to build a long-term financial stake in local communities by investing in local real estate.

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